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    NAUT has a strong technology R & D team, a lot of technical backbone are from the world's leading enterprises in the field, and has many years work experience in their familiar areas. The team most significant feature is that rich experienced, high comprehensive ability and innovation ability. NAUT focus on the improvement of the original product and development of new product, a variety of products to fill the domestic blank, and the result is to create more value for the user.
    NAUT test center equip with the following detection device or experimental device, to provide users with reliable date, process parameters and final product proofing.

> Steel belt type granulator device (model machine)

Test contents include:

  • Meltbility material granulation test
  • Incoming material proofing
  • Got the process date

Double layer steel belt continuous press device (testing machine)

Test contents include:

  • Feasibility and reliability test
  • Adaptability of work environment
  • Process data
  • Sample

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