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Candy Cooler

All parts of the equipment meet the food hygiene standard. The efficiency of cooling section can be adjusted according to different types of raw materials, which has the advantages of high output, stable quality and easy cleaning.

NAUT recommends to match with food grade stainless steel belt ASS1200, which is a kind of high strength austenitic stainless steel with sanitary grade, food grade and corrosion resistance. With the increasing requirements of food hygiene, the national control standards are more and more strict. The advantages and performance of stainless steel conveyor belt are far better than traditional conveyor belt.
Edible products can be directly processed and transported on the surface of steel belt. Our common application industries include chocolate production line, meat processing line, seafood quick freezing production line, dehydration and drying of fruits and vegetables, etc.
Characteristics of steel belt
 It is not easy to rust in humid or general corrosive environment
 The surface is clean and will not produce sanitary dead corner and residue
 No plasticizer and hazardous substances
 Long usage time
 It is not easy to stretch and deform
 High surface hardness, can be used as a worktable
Specification of steel belt




0.2 - 1.5mm

50 - 3000mm

3000m - no limit